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Oisín is the technical wing of Vigill, an Irish software startup that seeks to re-imagine how companies engage with their customers through the intimate magic of powerful mobile platforms. To this end, he spends his days and some of his nights writing iOS code in Objective C, smart server code in Ruby, fancy Web code in jQuery and getting distracted by node.js when he occasionally loses the will to live.

In the past, Oisín was the PMC lead for the Eclipse SOA Tools toplevel project, a committer on Eclipse JAXWS Tools, Eclipse Orbit and Eclipse SCA Tools. As a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, he mentored the BPMN Modeler, Faceted Project and Spaces projects. Oisín had the honour of being chosen as the Program Chair for EclipseCon 2010.


Keen to land an indoor job with no heavy lifting, Oisín started out on the road to software development in the early 1980’s, when his first task was to write a computer program to sort change for a maths teacher. His software skills quickly outgrew such fripperies, but when the lustre wore off the vision of becoming a multimillionaire games developer, he went to TCD to get a Computer Science degree. After a couple of years of post-graduate doldrums, he was offered a job at the freshly-minted IONA Technologies. Delighted to have achieved his job goal, he enthusiastically accepted and has been there since 1993. He did work for Progress Software, a change that he managed to achieve without even leaving his desk, but got over that quite quickly and now swans around trying to write unit tests and improve his golf handicap.

Oisín has been a C++ developer; a coach and trainer; a Java developer; a Perl developer; a Swing developer; a C# developer; an Eclipse developer. He has been on the Advisory Council of the World Wide Web Consortium, developed standards at the Object Management Group consortium, the Open SOA Consortium and in the Java Community Process. He has helped to architect and deploy small- to mid-scale distributed systems using CORBA, J2EE and Web Services technologies. He has released rather a lot of software products for platforms from big iron to Blackberries. At the moment, he runs the SOA Tools Platform project, a top-level project at the Eclipse foundation.

His current interests are domain specific languages for enterprise software development and Open Source software.

It turned out that there was a lot more heavy lifting than he expected.


Written by oisinhurley

September 11, 2008 at 4:57 pm

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