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Missing in Action from EclipseCon 2011

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EclipseCon 2011 started today, with an awesome program of events going on over the week. I’ve attended the previous four instances of the conference, and had the signal honour to have been the Program Chair for EclipseCon 2010. Now, alas, I’ve lapsed. Instead of getting a nice easy job after my release from Progress last year, I’ve foolishly decided to startup a software business with a couple of guys. I hope this adequately explains my somatic non-presence at this years showcase of what’s wonderful in the Eclipse world. For example – if I was in California today, I would not have been able to load the mobile part of our product on the phone of a friend-of-a-friend who just happens to be attending a concert with the CEO of a division of a large cellphone company, with instructions to show it to this CEO and get a meeting for us. But if I was in California today, I would be enjoying beers with lots of people that are much smarter and much more dedicated than me.

It’s always a tradeoff.


Now that I have a brand new ‘user’ perspective, and am on the outside looking in, there are a few items within the Eclipse Ecosystem that are particularly interesting.

  • EGit – I’m using git exclusively now for source code control, and having good support is very important. I think that the real decision-maker on using git all the time are hosting services like Heroku and Nodester adopting git push workflows for application deployment.
  • DSL-based mobile device project scaffolding – projects like Applause and Applitude, both based on Xtext and mobl, based on Spoofax, can give you a chunk of starting point code to get your mobile application up and running on the cheap. I haven’t taken as much time to study these as I want to – a future blog entry I think.
  • Orion – when I first saw the Bespin project, which then merged with Ace and is now the development-as-a-service Cloud9 IDE, it failed to stir me. However, when I started doing some node.js project experiments, then the option of being able to edit your JS code through the browser suddenly had more appeal, precisely because now you can edit server code. It will be worth a blog entry in its own right at some point (aside – Mr. Orion, @bokowski, just linked to another one, Akshell, a minute ago)


I just realized the other day that the last piece of Java/Eclipse a programming I did was in July 2010. Since then I’ve been in this dual world of the mobile app developer – programming
native code on iOS devices, programming Rails 3 and node.js on the server end of things, pushing data into PostGIS and Redis. I didn’t think I would end up here, but it’s been fun so far 🙂 As to the future, I’ve refused to plan anything beyond world domination for the moment. But maybe I can get an Orion talk accepted for EclipseCon Europe


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March 21, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Twitter Shuts It Down – but they ain’t got me yet.

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From Twitter’s new close-down terms of service for their API:

5. (e) You may not use Twitter Content or other data collected from end users of your Client to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service

which I interpret as – you can’t write a twitter client and then post anything through that client to any other service. What I think this means is that when you make a twitter client, all it can do is read/write twitter and read from other data sources. This effectively shuts down the development of any differentiated application. I’m not sure that the sweeping ownership statement of ‘other data’ is any way enforceable, but it doesn’t have to be – Twitter runs this here town.

Update: – Yoink! Twitter has yet to shut down my badly-programmed and disrespectful web client that translates your tweets (badly) to a Scottish accent – http://tweiter2.heroku.com/.

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March 12, 2011 at 3:36 pm