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TSS Java Symposium Barcelona

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I got a chance to attend, and speak</a;, at The ServerSide Java Symposium in Barcelona at the end of June. The talk I gave was about how Enterprise Software can be delivered using Open Source as the basis for satisfying some of the most common Enterprise Software requirements. I wasn’t talking about business logic here — I was talking about the nonbiosphere that surrounds a piece of Enterprise software, including process automation support, addressing chargeback in a transparent manner, managing middleware heterogeneity. I also guaranteed the listeners that I wouldn’t use any buzzwords 🙂

You can download the slides and notes and check it out. From the top of the room, I observed the reaction: a healthy mix of boredom, horror, torpor, confusion, outrage, interest, catatonia and crackberry tapping. After the talk, I did get some compliments and interesting questions. No pitchforks and torches, so that was good.

On the subject of pitchforks and torches, I was lucky enough to be invited to sit on a SOA Industry Leaders Panel with Martin Fowler and Gregor Hohpe. It was an interesting thing to site between those two guys, whose books and articles I’ve avidly consumed in the past. Mainly I worried about looking like a total idiot. According to Jay
at DeCare Systems
, I did ok – if you read that entry, you’ll see the torches reference I made earlier.The whole thing was filmed, so perhaps we will
get to see it online sometime. The panel moderator, the inimitable Ted Neward, gets my vote for best panel mod evah, coaxing some excellent tough questions from what turned out to be a good audience. It was with a mental sigh of relief from me that Gregor got in first on the inevitable What is a Service, anyway?.

Update – check out Ade’s experiences at TSSJS


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July 12, 2007 at 10:20 am

Eclipse Europa has Shipped

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Well, it shipped nearly a couple of weeks now, and I’ve been taking a bit of breather and getting back in touch with some other things that get left by-the-by as we went through the release process. Bjorn and the legal team deserve great praise for their mammoth efforts in getting everything lined up for those of us who delivered projects.

From the perspective of SOA Tools, it’s a time to gather our wits and make some plans, with the help of the community. I’m glad to say that over the last few months, there has been a considerable amount of interest in the project from a number of organizations that wish to contribute code and expertise. The PMC’s challenge is how to make sure that all these prospective committers can work together in a way that is conducive to developing the best open source tools and frameworks.

Enter the Incubator. This is to be an STP sub-project (it’s in pre-proposal phase right now), which I hope will address our challenge. It works like this — a number of organizations decide they would like to contribute some code, but in each case, they have code that does the same or similar things. The best thing for the project is that the committers come together, bring their solutions to the table, re-architecting if necessary, and producing a joint vision for the merged code. The ‘table’ in that metaphor is the Incubator sub-project. Once the technical vision has been constructed and agreed upon, and a draft plan put in place, any work that has taken place in the Incubator is ready to ‘graduate’, that is, move to full STP sub-project status.

It’s also time to let us know what you would like to see happening in the current areas of the project – let us know on the dev list or the newsgroup!

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July 12, 2007 at 10:05 am

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